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About Us

B-ECO started up in 2007 with the clear determination on actively taking part in current worldwide energetic revolution.

Since company foundation, the partners firmly believe in the benefits that the development of new energetic technologies is generating in the world, for human being and the environment, for now and the next generations.

We are happy to think to succeed on contributing, with competence and continuous commitment, to bring about this change, and assuring concrete advantages and solid values to our clients.

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Our Services

B-eco assists its Clients from the early stages, providing integrated services throughout the life cycle of the solutions identified, and taking care of all the aspects: from the feasibility study, cost analysis and economic plan, design and authorization of works, coordination and installation, testing and production, operation and maintenance of the installations.

Every step of design and production is supervised by certified standards and in full compliance with the codes.

Feasibility Study


In feasibility study contextual characteristics and objectives are analysed , in order to assess the feasibility and potential of the identified solution. Some activities in this phase may be: site and consumption analysis, systems dimensioning, estimation of the benefits introduced.

Economic evaluation


Considering the elements identified in the feasibility study, a business plan is defined to evaluate the return of the investment. In particular all cash flows during the period considered are pointed out, in order to make it possible to assess the scale of the investments and the value of the benefit over time. B-eco also offers support to its customers to obtain the funding.



B-eco take care directly of all activities required to obtain the authorisation to the works and connection to the national grid. B-eco professionals produce and collect all the required documentation, in full respect of the laws in force.



B-eco’s engineers are constantly involved in finding solutions that maximise the benefits for customers. Great care is paid to the choice of materials, which offer the maximum guarantee of performance and reliability over time. The design is made with meticulous attention to details, in compliance with and often exceeding the values of ruled “workmanlike”, for the benefit of efficiency, security and maintainability.



Execution tasks are always carefully planned and co-ordinated to ensure occupational safety, quality installations, supply and time of completion, the involvement of appropriate and skilled resources, cost control. B-eco’s supervisors have a consolidated experience in project management, with PMP certification at PMI.



The implementation activities are carried out in accordance with the activities and security plans. As they are often activities carried out at Client’s site (home, commercial or industrial centre), great care is taking into account in order to minimise the impact, in terms of time and way to operate (that are always agreed in advance).



B-eco carry out directly all the practices and activities aimed to connect the new production plant to grid, producing the necessary documents, undertaking the request, supporting the needs of the network operator, and overseeing the final connection.



Upon works completion the declaration of conformity of the system is supplied as requested by the local laws, and the verification testing of the functioning and assessment of performance are carried out, with the production of its reports.



For an electric generation plant, B-eco assists its Customers in the early stages of production. In case of a maintenance contract, administrative management activities are carried out in addition, aimed to the assure the economic return of energy produced.



B-eco provides maintenance services during production phase, ensuring maximum performance and availability over time. Even using remote monitoring systems, able to evaluate constantly the efficiency, B-eco’s service teams rush for corrective actions in timely, and plan cyclical activities, also identifying improvement actions.