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Energy from rivers and watersheds

Hydropower plants use the energy of rivers and small waterfalls to produce electrical power. Without any other external source, without creating waste in operation, and with little maintenance effort.
Historically the hydropower systems are the most deployed renewable plants in the world. Until 2012 more than 990 GW of hydropower plants has been installed, (30 GW in 2012, by REN21 report). In the last few years we have seen a growth in a segment of mini-hydropower focused on the use of the small waterfalls of streams to power small plants in order to produce electrical energy.

Presently, in most countries, the installation of mini hydropower plants generates value for single users and the eco-system, assuring the return of investment in a short time, a continuous and significant advantage from medium to long term, and a substantial contribution on building a better world for the generations to come.


B-ECO provides a complete set of services for the realisation of turnkey mini hydropower plants, in a short time, with the best conditions

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Production estimation
  • Return of Investment plan
  • Technical-economical offer
  • Preliminary and Executive Design
  • Financial facilities to get a loan
  • Management of all local Permits requested
  • Planning and Managing of activities
  • Installation and test
  • Connection to the electrical grid
  • Achievement of local valorisation system of energy production
  • Monitoring of energy production and plant state
  • Alarm managing
  • Operation & Maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary

  • Choose mini hydropower

    Mini hydropower plants are based on a solid, reliable and cheap technology that is profitable and advantageous for humans and the environment.
    The first requirement is the feature of the area where to install the mini hydropower plant, which should be deployed on a river or torrent with sufficient water flow and fall drop. Another relevant consideration is the distance from the electrical connection point.
    Mini hydropower plants are stable, solid and reliable, and they need little maintenance efforts, such as periodic checks of canalisation and turbines, and of electrical panels and devices. The continuous monitoring of the state and production of the mini hydropower plant assures action in case of alarms or alerts, and the fast action to restore it to its optimal operation.


    Mini hydropower plants use the energy of the rivers water flow to produce electrical power, without any other external source, and with little maintenance efforts.
    Mini hydropower plants today are affordable, producing all day long, everyday. Knowing the water fall height, and the statistical data on annual distribution of water flow, it is possible to accurately evaluate estimated production levels and thus ensure investment returns in very few years. This plant guarantees electrical production just by water flow, without any other costs (except maintenance), for the entire plant life.
    Mini hydropower plants do not produce waste or carbon dioxide. They contribute environment and eco-system preservation, assuring energetic autonomy for our generation and the generations to come. Mini hydropower plants contribute to achieving global targets on the limitation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in order to avoid global warming and its potential dramatic consequences.

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