B-ECO cooperates with PAGANO in the design and deployment of renewable energy plants, such as photovoltaic plants and high efficiency heating and cooling systems. In coherence with common values, we are devoted to paying particular attention to design and architectural integration so to make them comfortable and beneficial for the environment.

pagano edilizia in legno

“Pagano projects are born in conjugation with nature and architecture, Pagano is an international company well known as being builder of wooden houses.
Pagano thinks of and feels nature to create houses for human respecting the environment , paying particular attention for details, and combines wood, architecture’s oldest element, to the most advanced materials used in modern constructions.
The Pagano approach to design allows for constant variations in line with our client’s own creativity, requirements and needs. The final result is the transformation of living space into a great setting”

B-ECO collaborates with ACEA RSE on planning, deployment and maintenance of large photovoltaic plants.

“Acea RSE is the Energy Service Company (E.S.CO.) of Acea Group. The company is a leader in the energy field, offering sustainable energy solutions to the market that are aimed at savings and energetic efficiency. Acea RSE enhances the value of professional competencies of its employee, and makes management feel responsible for target achievements.”

We take part in developing the Lab-eco projects that, under the aegis of the Professor S. Monaco, is carrying on a small smart off-grid, where it is possible to converge and experiment the last technologies on renewable energy production, and the efficient control of consumptions.

Dipartimento di Ingegneria informatica automatica e gestionale Antonio Ruberti della Sapienza Università di Roma

“Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome. DIAG, former DIS, has been at the forefront of research in control theory, computing science and operations research since its foundation.”

Since May 2013 the C.T.O. of B-ECO has held the position of President of Photovoltaic Commission in the Association of Engineers of Rome, acting to promote and coordinate its works.

“The photovoltaic is an engineering sector focused on innovation, projecting, deploy and maintenance of photovoltaic plants.
Because of climate change and political impulse, this technology is widely growing, in Italy as in the world.
The Photovoltaic Commission represents a sector competence centre, in the Association of Engineer of Rome, for all the legislative, normative, technological, scientific and procedural aspects.”

B-eco and Intellienergia collaborate in energy renewable projects and in enviromental valorization, by integrating and capitalising on their skills and experiences

intellienergia collabora con B-eco

“Intellienergia is a spin-off of high technical-scientific value promoted and participated by Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata housed at the same University’s Science Park.

The project was born from the Union of University scientific excellence with the experience and skills of application techniques one of the groups most important Designer in the national landscape and who has already designed plants powered by renewable sources (RENEWABLE ENERGY below) and related infrastructure for over 700 MW”

B-eco engineers collaborate with Maggioli Editore with technical contents in several publications in the field of photovoltaic systems.

B-eco collabora con Maggioli Editore

“The corporate mission is to stimulate and accompany innovation in public and private entities with products and services favouring technological and process evolution, thus simplifying things for citizens, professionals and companies. Taking knowledge, innovation and top level know-how into the Public Administration helping it to handle future challenges and respond to citizens’ needs better (even latent ones) by simplifying procedures and facilitating daily work; that is the Maggioli Group strategy pursued through 5 Business Units: Publishing and Conventions, Information Technology, Document Management, Managing Revenue and Service, Training and Consultanc.”