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impianti a biomassa

Energy from renewable sources

Biomass plants use fuel from renewable sources to produce electrical and/or thermal energy. They can be also deployed to produce bio-methane, which is very useful today to store energy and/or to supply vehicles with bio-fuel.

Currently in most countries the installation of biomass plants generates value for the single users as well as the eco-system, ensuring investment returns in short term, a continuous and significant advantage in the medium and long term, and a substantial contribution to building a better world, for our generation and those to come.


B-eco provides a complete set of services for the realisation of turnkey biomass plants, in the short term, with best conditions.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Production estimation
  • Return of investement plan
  • Technical-economical offer
  • Preliminary and Executive Design
  • Use of best technology and products of highest efficiency, reliability and design
  • Financial facilities to get a loan
  • Management of all local Permits requested
  • Planning and Managing of activities
  • Installation and test
  • Connection to the electrical grid
  • Achievement of local valorisation system of energy production
  • Monitoring of energy production and plant state
  • Alarm managing
  • Operation & Maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary
  • Choose biomass

    Biomass plants are tested and made by solid and reliable technology, that is in constant development, today cheaper than ever, thus more profitable for human and the environment.
    The first requirement is to decide the installation location of the biomass plant, generally on a rural context. The procurement process of biomass needs to be defined; the closer the supplier , the more profitable the process.
    Biomass plant is a stable, solid and reliable electro-thermal system, it needs little maintenance, that constitutes in periodic checks of the pyrolysis and gasification system, boilers, turbines, electrical panels and devices. The continuous monitoring of the functioning and production of the biomass plant ensures efficiency and optimal operation.


    Biomass plants use fuel from renewable sources (wood, vegetable oil, waste, etc.) to produce electrical and/or thermal energy.
    Biomass plants today are low cost, fully operational 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to produce energy. With or without incentives, they have high productivity levels, thus ensuring investment returns in few years, and providing electrical production daily and nightly for the entire plant life.
    Biomass plants use renewable sources, as they give out the same quantity of CO2 that vegetables absorbed from the air during their growth process. In doing so biomass plants contribute to preserve the environment and eco-system, ensuring energetic autonomy for the generations to come, and contributing to achieving global targets in regards to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in order to avoid global warming and its potential dramatic consequences.

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