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Improve the energy efficiency class

A careful design or re-qualification of buildings can provide a drastic reduction of energy consumption for heating and cooling, and also increase its energetic efficiency class. In order to improve the architectonic, energetic and living quality, and to drastically reduce the total consumptions (electricity and gas), there are some suitable actions available to increase the qualification rank of building enclosure such as: significant reduction of thermal conductivity with the application of a thermal coating on the walls, with insulated and breathable materials, better if natural; insulation of the roof, in case also of the floor; insertion of insulated material in the cavity of existing walls; substitution of the old fixtures with new ones with high thermal resistance; use of devices for darkening or filtering the transparent walls during the summer irradiation.
All these tasks could dramatically decrease the external energy needs if integrated with the installation of renewable energy plants, as photovoltaic plants, or wind turbines, together with the implementation of high efficiency plants for heating and cooling water production (i.e. heat pump based system). A better solution is the presence of a warm recovery system with the use of high efficiency lights (as LED based ones), and an automated control system to command most devices of the house, resulting in a higher degree of efficiency and reaching the “zero external energy” target. For new buildings, it is easier to take into account all the energetic requirements in the design phase, in order to reach the high efficiency qualification rank. At present, in most countries with or without incentives, bio-building activities increase the value of the buildings,as well as living comfort and levels of energy consumption savings. If rightly individuated, planned and executed, bio-building activities ensure investment returns in a short period of time as well as a continuous and significant advantage in the medium and long term, and a substantial contribution to building a better world for our generation and the generations to follow. If carefully designed, new buildings can achieve a high efficient qualification rank without increasing the total cost of material and deployment, with a consistent increase in value, living comfort, and long term savings in future consumptions. We offer several architectural models, with different levels of design, comfort and cost, in order to meet all the client needs and requirements.


B-eco provides consultative services, project planning, installation and maintenance assistance for both production and use of efficient energy, ensuring to meet your individual needs regardless of the context. We offer a competent and wholesome integrated approach to deliver technological opportunities.
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  • Technical-economical offer
  • Energetic Analysis
  • Preliminary and Executive Design
  • Use of best technology and products of highest efficiency, reliability and design
  • Financial facilities to get a loan
  • Management of all local Permits required
  • Planning and Managing of activities
  • Deploy
  • Operation & Maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary
  • Choose bio building

    Building re-qualification, through actions related to building enclosure, allows the increase in energy rank, as well as a drastic reduction in energy consumption levels (even more if together with a renewable energy plants and a high efficiency system for heating and cooling). Optimal results could be attained for new buildings, taking into account the energy requirements in design phase..
    There are not particular requirements to carry out any energy re-qualification task on pre-existent building. Modern technology, and the wide catalogues of products available, allow energy and building expert to find the best solution for every context and size, including residential units, office buildings and industrial factories. For new buildings, the first requirement is to consider the availability of the area to be built, according to state laws and regulations.
    Maintenance of building elements related to energy re-qualification is not different from the consolidated building maintenance;it often depends on materials used, especially in regards to the building enclosure..


    The energy re-qualification actions increase the energy rank of the building and therefore its value on the market; also drastically decrease the energy consumptions, with a better level of comfort. To buy or build a new building taking into account the energy requirements allows to reach all the benefits in comfort and consumptions, with no more expenses but just attention in design phase.
    The energy re-qualification activities could have limited costs, and due to a significant and predictable decrease of consumptions they assure the return of investment in few years. For a new building, taking into account the bio-requirements in design phase could not introduce extra costs, but it assures all the benefits in terms of savings and comfort.
    The energy re-qualification actions or the bio-requirements used in designing a new building, dramatically reduce the energy consumption, thus also the CO2 emission. It contributes to preserve the environment and eco-system, assures the energetic autonomy, for our and next generations, and contributes to achieve the world targets on the limitation and reduction of greenhouse gas emission, avoiding the global warming with its potential dramatic consequences.

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