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solare termico

Thermal energy from the sun

Solar thermal plants use Sun energy to produce thermal energy (for domestic hot water and/or heating), without any other external source, without creating waste in operation, with little maintenance effort.

Currently in most countries, with or without incentives, the installation of a solar thermal plant generates value for the single user and the eco-system, assuring the return of investment in short time, a continuous and significant advantage in the medium and long term, and a substantial contribution to building a world on a human scale, for us and next generations.


B-eco provides a whole set of services for the realisation of turnkey solar thermal plants, integrated with photovoltaic plants and/or high efficiency heating/cooling plants, for significant size, in short time, at the best conditions.

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Production estimation
  • Return on investment plan
  • Technical-economical offer
  • Preliminary and Executive Design
  • Use of best technology and products of highest efficiency, reliability and design
  • Financial facilities to get a loan
  • Management of all local Permits required
  • Planning and Managing of activities
  • Installation and test
  • Achievement of local valorisation system of energy production
  • Operation & Maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary

  • Choose solar thermal

    Solar thermal plants are based on solid, reliable and cheap technology, profitable for man and the environment.
    The first requirement consists in the area where to install the solar thermal modules, generally on the buildings in an Est-South-West orientation on a flat, not shady area
    Solar thermal plant is a hydraulic system that is simple, solid and reliable by its nature, requiring little maintenance, such as periodic checks of solar modules, boilers, pipes, and valves.


    Solar thermal plant uses solar energy to produce domestic hot water, without any moving parts or external sources and with little maintenance.
    Solar thermal plants have reasonable costs, thanks to their simplicity. They ensure investment returns in very few years, with domestic hot water production just by the sun, without any other cost for the entire plant life.
    Solar thermal plants do not produce waste, or carbon dioxide. Thus it contributes to preserving the environment and eco-system, ensures the energetic autonomy, for our generation and those to come, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions, reducing global warming and its consequences.

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